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Whole lamb-2 boneless legs, 27 chops, 9 pkgs ground, 4 pkgs stew, 4 shanks, stock bones-$315

Pkg #1-4 ground, 2 stew, 1pkg loin chops, 1 pkg rib chops, 1 shoulder roast, 2-1/2 leg roasts-$165 (full value-$190)

Pkg #2-4 loin chops, 4 rib chops, 3 pkgs ground, 1 pkg stew, 1/2 leg roast, shoulder roast-$125 (full value-$145)

Have you ever tried lamb? Don't like the "mutton-y" taste or "waxy" feel? Grassfed lamb, which has never had grain, has a clean, delicious taste.  We raise a breed of sheep called Katahdins and Dorpers that are hair sheep; they don't have to be sheared since they shed their wool in the spring. Because of their smooth coats, they tolerate heat and humidity well. The meat is lean and mild in flavor; finished lamb weight is usually about 80-90 lbs.

A ewe and her twin lambs. Most ewes have multiples; we hope for an average of 1.75 lambs/ewe.

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