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Whole chickens-$4.75/lb




Stock bones-$2.50/lb-avg weight 3.5lbs

Livers/hearts/gizzards-$3/lb your choice

Berkshire Pork


Pork chops- 4/pkg-$11.50/lb--Pkgs range from $22-$24--3/4" thick   1" also available

Pork shoulder roasts-2.5lb-3.5lb-$7.50/lb 

 Boston butt and picnic cut on request

Spare ribs-whole rack/pkg-2.3lb-3lb-$18-$22/pkg

Western ribs-more meat-$10.00/lb 


           Breakfast patties-6 patties-$11.50     

           Hot Italian large links-$7.50/lb-pkgs range from 1lb-1.725lb

           Sweet Italian links-$7.50/lb-pkgs. from 1lb-1.75lbs


Ground pork-no seasonings-$6.50/lb

Smoked Ham-$8/lb  4-5 lb avg





Side of pork-$4.50/lb hanging weight, includes processing and smoking

Commonly cutting example---$--6 pkgs ground pork, 7 pkgs hot Italian sausage, 2 pork shoulder roasts, 2 city chickens, 1 full rack of ribs, 1 large pkg western ribs, 19 3/4" chops, 8 pkg bacon, 2 smoked ham steaks, 2 smoked hams.



Leg of lamb-bone in-$15.50/lb, boneless-$17/lb

Loin chops-4/pkg-$17.00/lb

Leg chops--$17/lb

Shoulder roast--$8.00/lb

Lamb stew--$10/lb

Ground lamb--$10/lb

Lamb shanks--$8.00/lb
Lamb bones --$3.00/lb

Heart, liver, tongue-$3.00/lb

Whole lamb available --sold by hanging wgt.----2 boneless/bone-in legs, 1 shoulder roast, 1 pkg shanks, 5 pkgs stew, 9 pkgs loin chops (36 total) 4 pkgs ground--common cutting instructions, custom cut available--$7.00/lb includes all processing



Filets-4/pkg --$25/lb     

Porterhouse steaks-$18/lb

NY Strip Steak-$18.50/lb


Ribeye steaks-1"-2/pkg-$20.50/lb

 Rib steak-1" thick-2/pkg-$25-$27


Sirloin strip steaks--4/pkg--$18-$20

Skirt steak--$9/lb--delicious marinated and grilled!

Flank steak--$16/lb-1.25lb-1.75lb

Philly style steaks --1lb-$8.50   Great for sandwiches, stir-fry, or barbeque

Beef stew meat-1.25lb avg-$7/lb

Soup Bones-$3-$5/pkg

Oxtail-$6/lb-makes great soup

Chuck Roast-2.5lb-3lb-$7.50/lb 

 Boneless English cut-$9/lb

Pot Roast--$8.50/lb 

Beef bones-$3.00/lb

Beef Shanks-$6/lb

Ground Beef-$7.50/lb 

            4 thick patties-1/3 lb each-$12

             24 quarter lb patties--$45.00

  Liver, heart and tongue-$3/lb

Cheek -$8/lb

Quarter of a Beef--$4.50/lb includes processing, small additional charge for patties and chipping--this is an example of common cutting for a quarter--4 chuck roasts, 1 English cut, 1 pot roast, 6 rib steaks, 6 Tbone steaks, 2 Porterhouse steaks, 3 sirloin steaks, 1 flank steak, 3 pkgs short ribs, 2 rump roasts, 2 top round roasts, 3 stew beef and 40-50 lbs ground beef. Heart, liver and tongue, if desired.
      Contact us for more information about how to order in quantity, approximate yield, etc.

        Average cost for 1/4 beef--$650



Grassfed Cheese-smoked cheddar, Colby longhorn, horseradish, habanero, hot pepper jack, marble, farmers, brick, sharp yellow cheddar, mild white cheddar, montery jack, smoked hot pepper jack-great taste, no antibiotics, hormones or chemicals-$5/pkg-8 oz.


Maple Syrup--  $18/quart--$34/half gallon