Miller Livestock Co., Inc.
Quality Grass fed Beef and Lamb
          Pastured poultry, pork and eggs
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9590 Kinsman Pymatuning Rd.
Kinsman, OH 44428

Who we are


Raising grassfed and pastured livestock for your family without using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics for nearly 20 years!

View a PBS special about local food taped on our farm!

Watch the program on WVIZ/Applauseand read more about the visit here

Howland Farmer's Market
Winter Market

Children's Rehab Center
Across from Hillside Hospital

3rd Saturday of each month

Holiday Specials & Packages

4-1" thick T-bone steaks

4-1" thick super sized T-bone steaks $60

4-1 1/2" thick T-bone steaks

4-1 1/2" thick rib steaks

Breakfast bundle $35
sausage, bacon, eggs, syrup

Beef Sampler
2 T-bone steaks, 2 pkgs filet mignon, 2 pkg sirloin strip steaks, english roast, pot roast, stew beef, 4 patties, 5 pkg ground, 4 short ribs, 2 soup bones, 1 pkg slimjims

Grass farming is both an art and a science.